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is a state of mind,
not a job title.

Mojo Leadership helps you find the mojo to lead:

yourself, your team and your business.

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How Mojo Leadership
can help you

Mojo Leadership is a Leadership Consultancy which that believes to truly lead, inspire and influence those around you, you have to be able to lead yourself first.

Leadership is fundmentally an inside/out job.


We know Change is THE only constant in life. And we can choose how we see change. Do we resist it? Can we learn to accept and adapt to it? Or can we actually create the change we want in life?

Our clients tell us when they discover/rediscover their mojo they find flow versus resistance, they find the confidence to be bold and have impact, and they feel more ease to make the big decisions.  Having Mojo leads to greater presence and joy, and boosts performance.


  • We work with business owners and business leaders via personalised 121 Coaching

  • We support teams via Team Coaching & Workshop Facilitation

  • We design & deliver integrated Leadership Programmes for organisations

121 Leadership Coaching

Work with a qualified Executive Leadership Coach with a significant track record in business to take your personal leadership to the next level. We create highly personalised coaching programmes based on your needs and goals. With the intention of unlocking your highest level of presence, performance and joy. In short, we help you get your Mojo back.

Workshops & Programmes

We run one-off workshops and we create and deliver long-term leadership programmes. Our core area of specialisation is working with teams with key client relationships. Relationships they wish to develop to grow the business and themselves. We also create and deliver bespoke workshops for teams looking to develop new strengths and new beliefs. 


How it started, how it's going

Mojo Leadership was born out of change.

After a long and successful career in the corporate sector, specifically advertising and marketing. Despite sitting on a global board at Maxus Global (part of WPP) -  Richard knew he was looking for more.
More meaning, more impact and more sense of purpose.

Possessing this new awareness, Richard left the corporate world and created Mojo. He and his wife also moved countries and were soon joined by two beautiful sons. These huge changes allowed Richard to rediscover his lost Mojo and begin creating the life he truly wanted.

Today Mojo Leadership is widely respected Leadership Consultancy supporting leaders, teams and businesses globally.

We believe in values and all our work is Memorable, Compatible & Valuable - by design.

We work with highly motivated individuals and ambitious businesses to allow them to grow by moving from resistance to change, through accepting & adapting to change all the way to creating the change they desire.

Change really is beautiful when you have your Mojo where you need it.

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"We worked with Mojo to develop an in-depth client leadership programme for our high potential talent. We were delighted with the thorough and contemporary design of the modules and the engaging & empathetic delivery of the course.

As a result we've seen our people develop greater presence, resilience and curiosity with clients and the feedback from participants has been fantastic."

"My Mojo coaching programme gave me a better understanding of strengths and things in my role which give me energy. It provided practical tips which helped me improve my own approach to leadership and management. It supported me with practical steps for creating better work life balance.

Richard also helped me to understand how to better prepare for interviews - and I got the job!"

Rob Gold - CEO, MerkleB2B (Dentsu)

NB - Leadership coaching client

Mojo clients



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mojo - noun /ˈməʊ.dʒəʊ/ a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy. Your influence, confidence or personal charisma.

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