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Mojo Leadership Coaching

As a qualified executive coaches, we help our clients to both clarify and achieve their goals and ambitions. Our philosophy is to ensure clients tap into their own natural self-resourcefulness, as decisions we take for ourselves are far more likely to see action and boost performance sustainably in the long-term.

Our typical client is a high performing leader - either in a business or the owner of one. Whilst outwardly sucessful, you are asking yourself some more fundamental quesitions. You're curious about personal development and you're own leadership approach.

You maybe asking "What's next?" or "What else?".

You may feel isolated or distracted in your everyday life.

You crave more clarity, connection and presence.

You've come to the right place...


The Mojo Coaching Approach

Coaching is a 1-2-1 conversation with purpose and two critical components: confidentiality and non-judgement. So, coaching is really unlike most conversations with friends and colleagues in that respect, plus it’s totally focused on you and what you want to achieve. You’ll chose what you want to talk about and we’ll nudge your thinking through questions. We don't advise or direct – rather help you unearth your goals and answers. In coaching you’re articulating thoughts in speech, this way something different happens versus having thoughts going around inside your head. As we probe for more, in hearing yourself out loud, things shift and ‘lightbulb’ moments happen.


You are responsible for the outcomes of the session. It’s your time. You chose the subject area and we facilitate the conversation and help you explore your own thoughts and ideas. In coaching, we are tapping into people’s natural resourcefulness. Your coach keep you ‘on track’ on an agreed goal but in reality, we go where you want to take the conversation – whatever is useful and helpful for you and your goals.

What our clients say

"My Mojo coaching programme gave me a better understanding of strengths and things in my role which give me energy. It provided practical tips which helped me improve my own approach to leadership and management. It supported me with practical steps for creating better work life balance.

Richard also helped me to understand how to better prepare for interviews - and I got the job!"

NB - Executive Coaching client

"It really has been a great experience. Richard is a great listener and is then able to offer non-judgemental practical advice enabling me to use this in every aspect of my life. I feel refreshed after doing the course, more level-headed and positive about professional abilities.

Going over certain techniques for me to apply, such as the respond don’t react method has really helped in my professional and personal life. These are practices that I’ll continue to use every day."

LW - Executive Coaching client

"Working with Mojo Development has brought me the clarity, confidence and accountability to succeed. Richard helped me navigate a career change and align to my values first and foremost.

I appreciated the ideas that Richard brought to the table, through his coaching experience, prior knowledge of the sector and my personal/professional history.

I would highly recommend working with him - he takes the time to understand your needs and is committed to your development with some solid outcomes. I feel like I found my voice, my mojo again"

HP - Business Coaching client

Why work with a Mojo coach

Having always worked in competive sectors, where there is an abundance of choice for the consumer or client. We know coaching is no different. There are many really good coaches out there who you can choose to work with. Here are just three reasons why you might decide to have a conversation with Mojo. But fundamentally, you should look for a coach who you have chemistry with, as in my experience the greater the trust, the more profound the results.



Qualified Executive Coach



Global Board level business leaders


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Mojo Mantra: Start Fast, Go Deep, End Strong

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mojo - noun /ˈməʊ.dʒəʊ/ a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy. Your influence, confidence or personal charisma.

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