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About Richard

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Father to two beautiful boys. Husband to an inspirational Wife. Business Owner. Coach. Mentor. Facilitator. Mojo guy.

I love to work with people navigating change and who want to commit to themselves and their journey.

I love to host and facilitate groups of people and support deep learning from our collective experience.

I love to help people share their stories and to learn more about themselves in that process.

I've been through my share of challenges in life which have helped shape me.

I believe we always have choice and we all have incredible potential.

I believe change, whilst daunting, can be beautful and transformational.

I agree with Paulo Coelho when he said "To realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation,"

I know that in order to grow and thrive I must be on the edge of my comfort zone. I meditate daily and learn more about myself everday from our two boys.

I've lived in 6 countries (twice in Spain). I love to travel. I've worked in dynamic, fast moving high pressure environments in competitive sectors. I've been on that Hamster-Wheel.

I know that my own journey has many more twists and turns ahead. I'm excited to see what's next.

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