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About Richard

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Having spent the majority of my corporate career in the fast-paced world of advertising & media, I have come to learn a few things about change and how to thrive in times of change.

I've worked for several global brands and organisations, each with their own cultures and approaches. I've also worked in domestic (UK), regional and global roles, which has given me great perspective on how different nationalities like to work. Added to this I've worked through and helped manage high profile mergers. So taking an abundant view on change is second-nature for me.

The common factor in whatever role I've had the fortune to have - client management, strategy, business development, content marketing - has been helping to develop and grow high potential people and teams through mentoring, training and coaching.

This understanding made the decision to make a huge personal change and launch my own coaching & training consultancy an easier one. Indeed being coached myself really helped me with this transition.

I live in Ibiza with my wife, our two young sons and our dog. I go wherever the work takes me as travel is a passion.

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