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Is it time to level-up your productivity in 2024?

Updated: Feb 8

I’m committing to sharing some thoughts and personal experiments on what helps me and my business leader clients focus on the most important projects and tasks. To get more of the key stuff done, to really move the needle.

If this sounds useful for you – read on and connect with me…

Kicking off with - Time Blocking ⏲ 

I shared this classic tool with a entrepreneur client last week - lots of ideas + lots of demands + a very active mind = delivery on key projects was starting to slip.

We worked through how this would work for her and to find flow vs resistance to the new approach to setting up the week ahead. Here are the key steps (for starters):

📎 Take that loooooong to do list 

🔥 Prioritise the top 5 items

🔍 Identify 5 x 1 hrs blocks in the morning each week day 

💍 Commit to ring fencing that time - in the diary but make it visual

📣 Share the intention with the team/accountability partner, think about what might deflect you.

👟 Then go for it - and as this is something new - enjoy the process just notice how it goes, don’t hold on too tightly to a specific outcome. You do 20 mins focus time? Great. Even 5 mins follows your plan and is better than before.

Each week look to build that up to more and more ring-fenced time. Treat it like an experiment and notice what's working, where the resistence shows up. Also a great way to manage the negative intrusion of non-important meetings into your diary (we all recognise that)

Sharing this with my client also reminded me how good this relatively straightforward tool is.

So, 2nd week back in the new year - I’m back to time blocking too. 

And yes, this blog post was time-blocked and committed to (therefore it happened!)

Would love to hear your experiences of time blocking and any other productivity tolls that are rocking it for you. 

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